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Welcome to River Oaks

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The River Oaks Home Owners Association is a homeowners association located within the city of Naples, Florida. Members of the association are residential homeowners in the "River Oaks" neighborhood of Palm River Estates. The River Oaks neighborhood is home to 169 residencies on Sharwood Drive, Oakwood Drive, Oakwood Court, Forestwood Drive, Westwood Drive, and includes 2 lakes. It should be noted that River Oaks HOA is not a voluntary HOA. The Palm River Civic Association is a separate voluntary entity.


The purpose of the association includes:

  • the ownership, operation and maintenance of the Lake Sharwood, Lake Oakwood, and River Oaks neighborhood cul-de-sacs

  • the construction, maintenance and operation of any facilities for the use and benefit of the members

  • the promotion of the physical, civic and social welfare of the residents of River Oaks

  • the preservation of the beauty of River Oaks and the encouragement in the physical improvement of the quality of the maintenance of properties within River Oaks

  • participation in activities designed to improve and maintain the conservation and ecology of River Oaks

  • the promotion of the safety and ecology of the waterway and river adjacent to River Oaks

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