The Maintenance Committee shall monitor, report status, and recommend actions related to both the cul-de-sacs and lakes within the River Oaks community to the River Oaks HOA Board of Directors.

The committee shall be made up of current HOA homeowners only.

The committee shall be given some time at regular meetings to present updates to the board and make recommendations for them to consider. 

The committee does not have power to act on behalf of the board or the HOA unless specifically listed below. 

The committee does not have any budget. 

The committee shall exist for 12 months at which time must be renewed by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors can dissolve the committee at any time by a majority vote. 

Specific powers: 

- Request quotes for maintenance of the cul-de-sacs 

- Request quotes for maintenance of the lakes 

- Maintain and provide updates of the HOA maintenance calendar to be published to the HOA website 

Note: The board recommends at least three quotes for any recommendations. 



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