River Oaks HOA Board

A message from your incoming board

We wanted to take a moment to share some information with the homeowners as we move forward as the new board for River Oaks. There has been a considerable amount of dialog at the annual meeting and the days leading up to and following regarding the board being reduced to three members. This change came about because of a lack of evidence documenting the increase in the number of board seats.  

When there is no proof to substantiate that a change was property documented, voted on, and recorded in the public records, then the last recorded governing documents prevail. In our case, that is the original documents when the association was formed.  

To date, no one has indicated that they have any of these documents. Keep in mind that the Florida Annual Report and its renewal is not considered a change to the governing documents. This is a procedural change voted on and approved by a majority of the membership and recorded in the public records. This procedure is typically done with counsel before bringing it to the membership for a vote.  

Included below, that you can download, is an excerpt from The Law of Florida Homeowners Associations, outlining what is necessary and must be done in order to facilitate such a change. We have many homeowners among us that have been here for many years, so we would ask that if any of you have any proof, as outlined in this email regarding the document, to please present it to the board.  

If approved the changes are noted within the original document showing what was changed and what remained the same. This document is then recorded in the public records and made available or provided to all homeowners, so that they can insert into their documents which are to be passed onto a new buyer when a property is marketed for sale and or sold.  We have included two examples of what a document, that was prepared and filed, might look like. You will note the stamp from the county of the filing and the location as well. It would state that additions are shown by “underlining” and deletions are shown by “strikeouts”.  

Hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion surrounding this recent change.


Your River Oaks HOA Board            



Download Below

Amended documents EXAMPLE 1

Amended documents EXAMPLE 2

Image by Florida-Guidebook.com