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New cul-de-sac curbs coming to River Oaks

As our community of River Oaks ages, the River Oaks HOA board of directors seek to ensure that appropriate attention is given to preserve the safety and appearance of our infrastructure including our common areas. For more than a year, the board of directors have been gathering information to present to the county for curb repairs in our cul-de-sacs. Our cul-de-sac curbs have been damaged over time both directly and indirectly. We were initially told that new curbs would be at the expense of the River Oaks HOA.

River Oaks secretary, Claudia Keeler, took the lead on reaching out to county officials. Part of this process was noting the county’s dedication of the roadways and it’s responsibility in maintaining them, as well as including documentation of direct curb damage due to roadway improvements. County inspectors reviewed our damaged cul-de-sac curbs and noted that all 5 that must be replaced. After several inquiries and numerous conversations, the county reversed their original decision and have obliged to replace all 5 cul-de-sacs. The county is currently in the process of awaiting their annual contract for a concrete contractor, expected very soon, and will set for replacement as soon as possible.

We are excited for this good news and we feel property owners will benefit the most from these improvements, as it enhances the value of their property. We’d like to acknowledge Mrs. Keeler and the board’s voluntary work on this project. We will update this post when we have an approximate timeline for installation.

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